Angela Ngo Web Portfolio
market street hotel and apartments :: allston, massachusetts :: 2011

The proposed hotel and apartment tower is located in the center of three new proposed activities for Allston. To the southwest is a proposed center for performing arts, to the southeast is a proposed art museum, and to the north is a proposed train station, making this site easily accessible to the public. To accommodate for all the tourists as well as residents, this tower was designed as a mixed-use project. The ground floor invites the public into the building to experience the large atrium as well as partake in dining, whether it be the cafe or restaurant. The higher levels of the hotel are also open to the community to provide a view of Allston and beyond. On the eighth level is an outdoor green roof where people can go to escape from the chaos of city life. On the ninth floor is an outdoor roof terrace with a bar for those who want to grab a drink after work and relax. Also on the ninth floor are a fitness center and a double-height restaurant, all completely accessible to the public. Each user of the tower is provided with their own terrace area within their hotel/apartment rooms. From the exterior, it appears as if these terraces were pushed in from the facade. The concept of the whole building was to push and pull people from one site to the other, using the hotel and apartments as the common connection.