Angela Ngo Web Portfolio
ideo work space :: cambridge, massachusetts :: 2008

The driving force behind this project was the concept of intersecting volumes.
When I began this project, I focused heavily on organization of program. The space was arranged to be as practical as possible. The reception area, eating area, and restrooms are on the first floor because they are more open to the public. The prototyping space was to face the main street so that pedestrians could see in to what IDEO was creating. The work spaces were designed so that they would receive as much natural light as possible. Because this was set in an urban site on a street like Newbury, I wanted employees to have access to an outdoor space to breathe fresh air. On top of the interaction work space is an area where workers can go and look at the city's horizon and take a break from office life.
The structure of the building is concrete columns. All the rooms only touch one exterior wall of the building, leaving a gap that spans the distance from front to back. The idea was to have a strip of light shine through and reflect off the wall (much like the way light enters into Ando's Church of Light).